Monday, March 21, 2011

Pinpoint by Sheila Mary Taylor - Out soon

Published by Night Publishing

Pinpoint went through a rough passage to get to this stage.  Started off winning a competition run by the illustrious agent Darley Anderson, for the first chapter of a novel depicting a woman in jeopardy. The prize was a bottle of French bubbly, which was consumed with dreams of best-seller success, even though I’d only written the first chapter. 

Then came the crunch, when the next 10,000 words were rejected as not fulfilling the criterion laid down in the competition.

But hell, that’s because when you’re writing a novel, anything can happen.  And that’s what makes writing so exciting. You create two or three dynamic characters.  You watch with awe as they take over the scenario.  You go with the flow. You surprise yourself when suddenly you are going down a different road. A road you’re convinced is the only one these amazing characters can follow. And if you are surprised every day at what they do, this means the reader is going to be surprised too.

So Pinpoint ended up not being about a woman in jeopardy. 

                               It became  -  A Psychological Thriller
about a defence solicitor, Julia Grant, confronted by the frightening thread of a suspicion that maybe, just maybe, her new client, the vicious murderer Sam Smith might be ─ just might be ─ her long-lost beloved twin brother. 

                                       Imagine how frightening that must be!

We follow Julia in her quest to find out just who Smith is. Why he is persecuting her. How she can get her hands on the half a million pounds he is demanding in exchange for not harming her six-year-old daughter Nicky and keeping his mouth shut about something in Julia’s past he claims would shock the legal world and end her career as a successful criminal lawyer.

We follow her controversial love affair with DI Paul Moxon, the detective intent on re-capturing the elusive Smith after his daring escape in the middle of Manchester in broad daylight.  And we bite our nails as Julia struggles to remember what ghastly event in her early childhood caused her amnesia.

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  1. Congratulations Sheila. Wishing you all the luck in the world. I love this book - always have and hope it sells the way it deserves to. xxx