Friday, December 16, 2011

Write On Wednesdays #WOW... Book Blog Hop.

                       MY NEW BOOK

      A medical drama
      A battle for survival
A story of hope and courage no mother will be able to put    down
Andrew had a dream - even when cancer struck

My teaser
I gather it into my arms. This mutilated body. And crush it to my
chest. And rock it to and fro as my tears drip on to the once perfect
flesh to mingle with the bright red blood. I hold it. This mutilated body.
I stroke it and try to coax the life back into it, willing it to be whole
again, willing it to breathe, willing it to move, willing it to live and
breathe and move and laugh and cry –
But nothing happens, and all I hear is a loud buzzing in my ears.
I close my eyes and press my own wet cheek against that poor
blood spattered cheek.
Then suddenly, over and above the buzzing, I hear my own voice
and I am shouting: Live! Live! Live!
(COUNT TO TEN is a new, re-written, revised and updated edition of the previously
published book - Fly With a Miracle)

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I am re-reading this wonderful book - SIX WEEKS - by Jessica L. Degarmo

In 'Six Weeks', Jessica L. Degarmo departs from the style of her very successful Romance novels - 'Hooking Up', 'The Storm Within', 'Decisions' and 'How To Meet A Guy In The Supermarket' - to examine every teenage girl's nightmare: that she is pregnant and not certain she's ready for a child.

It is a life and death decision – not her life, but her decision - and despite the opinions of those around her, she is on her own.

The Teaser
My world has changed. A few little words, carelessly spoken, have altered the course of my
existence. They have irreparably changed the fabric of my life.
The walk to the subway does little to calm me. Although I am outwardly placid, my insides
are jumping like hot embers in a fireplace. I place one foot in front of the next, trying to match
my footsteps with my heartbeat, trying to slow both.
I wonder about the being inside me. There is some controversy about when a fetus becomes
a child, when a glob of cells that have no distinct shape and form become human.
What is inside me right now? Is it comfortable? Happy? Does it know what turmoil it has
caused, simply by being discovered? By merely being?



  1. Two great authors, continents apart, writing moving stories, necessary stories with a big heart.

  2. Wonderful teasers for both Count To Ten and Six Weeks.

    I now own my copy of Count To Ten and look forward to reading it over the weekend. Six Weeks is another book I loved, Jessica remains a favorite author.
    Thanks so much for participating, Sheila. I appreciate the support.