Saturday, December 24, 2011

You must read "The Bookie's Runner" by Brendan Gisby

Review of Brendan Gisby's memoir of his father: THE BOOKIE'S RUNNER
Stunningly beautiful
A poignant story that can not fail to touch your heartstrings. A short book in length, but enormous in the amount of emotion it evoked in me. A short book, yes, but filled by words laden with passion and sentiment.

I read it in one sitting, unable to tear myself away from the lure of this beautifully written novella. It was as though Brendan Gisby was sitting in front of me, telling his story just to me - a heartfelt story to honour the memory of his beloved father. And as I witnessed his occasional tears so did I have have to wipe a tear from my eyes.

This is a book I would love to have in paperback, so that I could treasure it on my special little bookshelf next to my bed, and pick it up every now and then to read again, to savour the beauty of its words and its emotion.

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