Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writer-Publisher Tim Roux gives us the unputdownable "Harry Walkers Wife"

This is a mesmerising read. Not only a mesmerising read, but there is much to be learned and thought about in this exceptional novel. HARRY WALKER'S WIFE  by Tim Roux -
Grab this:
I have always adored Chrissie. We first met when I was twelve and she was ten, and we fell deeply in love instantly. You may assume that children of that age are incapable of profound love, but from personal experience I can assure you that you would be wrong to think so. I am as in love with Chrissie now as I was then, and it feels exactly the same. I sense her every vibe, and quiver alongside it, amid calm, ecstasy or despair. Chrissie is my reference point. I have no other. Whatever will please Chrissie delights me. Whatever will upset her tears me apart. I cannot bear to hurt her any more than I would want to drive a nail through my big toe. The pain is the same - I have done both.
Chrissie is beautiful. She is so beautiful that she steals away my breath every time I look at her, and I cannot even glimpse her without appreciating everything about her. She is so elegant. Her body is straight if you see her from the side, and nicely curved if you catch her fron the front. Her hair naturally swings like a soft, glossy rope. Her smile is innocent, yet a touch knowing. She only thinks the best of anyone, and never gossips maliciously. She is devoutly Christian, yet she never talks about it, or tries to impose it upon you. When we make love, I feel that I am swaying with an angel, a female angel that is. Her skin is pure white and as perfect as an exotic silk . . .
I won't tell you any more. Read it for yourself, but don't expect to be able to put it down . . .

I've been thrilled these last few weeks that my new book - Count to Ten  - my story of Andrew's heroic fight against teenage bone cancer, has been in and out of the Amazon Kindle top 100 Best Seller lists in the Non-Fiction/Cancer category. I want so much for this book to reach other sufferers of this cruel disease, to inspire hope in them, but it is also a book that will capture the imagination of anyone who loves a true story of human endeavour against all odds. 'It reads like a novel' one reviewer told me.
And if you haven't yet read my psychological legal/crime thriller set in Manchester - Pinpoint - it is still going for less than the price of a cup of coffee - 77p/$1.12. You'll be amazed to discover that we are all capable of committing an act of evil - if pushed beyond the point of human endurance . . .

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  1. My thanks for joining in the Write on Wednesday book blog hop, Sheila.

    I love Count to Ten...and Pinpoint and own a copy of each. I hadn't heard of "Harry Walker's Wife" by Tim Roux and am about to pop in and get myself a copy thanks to your post.
    Don't forget to pop over and comment on the other blogs that are participating...that's what makes it a good book blog hop.